Grades 6th-8th • $100/student ($17 for an optional Student Bible) 
Luther's Small Catechism ($5 if needed)

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Welcome! This is an exciting time in the life of your middle school student…and for your family! We are honored to be teaming with you. Your child is at an important developmental stage. There are lots of God-designed things happening in their bodies, minds, relationships, and faith. Faith is now becoming their own, as they begin to take more responsibility in their walk with Jesus…but they still need you! HCL is a big believer in families, especially moms and dads and other significant adults who have stepped up to be the spiritual leader in the home! For many of you, bringing your middle schooler to Confirmation is part of the fulfillment of the promise you made at their baptism. Our design for Confirmation seeks to team with you, walk alongside you, as we make a difference in the faith life of your middle schooler, together. Our Confirmation Team is excited to walk with you! We are committed to making this stop in your child’s lifelong journey of faith meaningful and the best that it can be. It’s going to be a great journey in HIM! - Pastor Leon Jameson, Associate Pastor NextGen Ministry

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About Confirmation at HCL

What Is Confirmation?

Confirmation marks the completion of the congregation's program of Confirmation ministry and is the rite

by which a person affirms his/her baptism, publicly confesses his/her faith, and is received into

congregational membership. The rite of Confirmation is a time of celebration for the congregation as it

affirms and encourages a person in the continuation of their faith journey.


What does Confirmation look like at HCL?

Confirmation instruction at HCL is a three-year ministry for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that teams with

parents to equip middle-school students to make a confession of faith by developing a deep

understanding of Jesus as Savior and their life-long relationship with Him, while engaging students in a

deeper understanding of core theological concepts (The Apostles’ Creed, The Ten Commandments,

Baptism, Confession & Absolution, The Lord’s Supper and Prayer). Students are prepared to make a

confession of faith through participation in regular worship, Confirmation Church, yearly retreats and

special events, acts of service, fellowship and regular faith conversation.


What do you mean when you say that HCL “teams with parents”?

We believe parents and all home leaders are a key to the success of our Confirmation process. We

believe that parents are the most influential people in the lives of kids… and God designed it that way!

“Teaming with parents” means that HCL want to honor a parents’ God-given responsibility to guide,

encourage, and be part of their child’s journey with Jesus. Our Confirmation staff “teams with parents” by

providing foundational teaching while walking alongside you with resources, tools, and encouragement.

We understand that each family situation looks different and sometimes parents are not the spiritual

leader for a child. In these situations, we embrace and team with other home leaders as they encourage

and guide a child’s faith development.


Why Parents?

HCL celebrates God's design for parenting. Parents have the privilege and responsibility of discipling and

nurturing the spiritual formation of their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-7; Ephesians 6:1-4). HCL’s

Confirmation Ministry encourages and equips parents and all home leaders to live out this calling.

Monthly Confirmation Church Services

Confirmation Church is a 90-minute once a month interactive worship service for both the confirmand and parents. Confirmation Church begins with a 60-minute experiential worship model that uses Scripture and Luther’s Small Catechism as the foundation for engaging students and their parents in a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, their relationship with Him as Savior, and their life-long journey of faith. Confirmation Church instructs and facilitates faith conversation which sets the stage for 30-minutes of small group discussion and life-application. Confirmation Church meets September – May, Sunday evenings 6:00-7:30 OR Monday evenings 6:00-7:30.

Worship Reflection Sheets

Confirmands are expected to attend worship regularly with their family or another loving adult. As part of your worship routine we are asking confirmands to complete 12 Worship Reflection sheets per year. These sheets will build upon the pattern of individual and family reflection and conversation modeled in Confirmation Church.

Worship Reflection PDF

Events and Retreats

Events and retreats are grade-level programs with emphasis on a particular topic connected to Confirmation.

Confirmands are expected to attend:
6th Grade Event- First Communion Instruction and Seder Supper (February & March)
7th Grade Retreat- Fighting Sin, Temptation, and Peer Pressure (November)
8th Grade Retreat- Writing my Faith Story (March or April).

Acts of Service

Scripture declares that believers are the body of Christ, a reflection of His continuing presence in the world. Through His people, Christ continues to extend love, comfort, care and forgiveness to those in need. Biblical “true love” is action based! Because Christ lives in us we are able to make a difference. We are His eyes, His ears, His hands, and His feet here on earth! Service hours have become an important part of HCL’s confirmation program. Each year students are asked to complete 7 hours of service work. Service hours can be completed at any church, school, or the community and may be completed in a single, 7-hour event or a combination of hours from different service projects.

Service Hour Report PDF

College/Military Service Project

Help your college student or military member stay connected to God with special correspondence and treats from our Middle School Confirmation small groups. You can enroll a college student or military member by clicking here and filling out the form. Twice a year, a care package will be sent to them that will include letters from our students, words of encouragement, treats, and other surprises. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Cindy Winget at or Sonia Beaumont at

For More Information

Leon Jameson Associate Pastor Next Gen Ministry, 414-529-6700 or

Sonia Beaumont Middle School Youth Ministry Assistant, 414-529-6700 or

Karen Hartlaub Middle School Youth Ministry Program Assistant,