Daddy/Daughter Date Ideas from the Ties and Tiaras Dance

Dear Father/Father Figure,

You are a superhero in your daughter’s eyes: a strong and courageous, gallant and noble superhero. As you’re busy loving her and taking care of your precious girl, Hales Corners Lutheran is busy praying for you. May you always know peace by knowing Jesus and walking with Him. He is your joy and your strength, and in Him, you are perfectly equipped to carry out the calling He’s given you.

HCL hosted a daddy-daughter dance in May. It was wonderful to see so many dads and uncles and grandpas dancing the night away with their princesses. The girls all wore a crown to remember that Jesus makes them royal. Because they’re children of the King, they’re beautiful and precious and complete.

After the dance, the royal couples left with date ideas, which are listed below. You and your princess are sure to have a wonderful time together with these activities! As you finish your dates, feel free to share them with me through email. With your permission, I would like to use some of them to post an album of pictures to HCL’s Facebook page. What a special way to share these memories with our church family!

May God continue to bless you with precious moments that deepen your relationship with each other. May all of your joy reflect His goodness and love for you.

Dear Father, Jesus loves you so;

He’s with you all the way.

Your hopes and dreams and cares He knows;

With you He’ll always stay.

And Daughter, Jesus loves you too;

You are His precious girl.

His love for you is sweet and true;

In Him you’re worth more than pearls.

God’s peace,

Rachel Stathakis

HCL Director of Children’s Ministry

1. Write a note to each other to open next year.

2. Plan and do an intentional act of kindness.

3. Choose a room to redecorate together.

4. Read a great book aloud.

5. Daughter makes the grocery list; go shopping together.

6. Look up these Bible verses: Psalm 118:24, 1 John 4:19, Philippians 4:4. Memorize them together.

7. Visit a nursing home together. Bring board games to play with the residents.

8. Have an indoor picnic.

9. Movie marathon day! Don’t forget the popcorn!

10. Reading marathon day! Don’t forget the popcorn!

11. Plan a day to spoil Mom.

12. Craft day; don’t forget the paint smock!

13. Make homemade cinnamon rolls. Give some to neighbors.

14. Write a song together. Bonus points if you perform it together!

15. Complete a puzzle together.

16. Dance party!

17. Go on a treasure hunt.

18. Cupcake challenge! Who will win?

19. Make a fancy meal and invite friends over to enjoy it.

20. Swim at a local recreation center.

21. Visit the zoo or local museum.

22. Go to a sporting event.

23. Story time at the library.

24. Take a bike ride.

25. Play a board game.

26. Make homemade pretzels.

27. Build a fort; read books in it.

28. Go on a long bike ride.

29. Make lemonade. Sell it at a stand. Donate your earnings.

30. Make artwork. Turn your kitchen into an art museum.

31. Living room sleepover!

32. Buy baseball mitts at a thrift store. Play catch together in the backyard.

33. Video game challenge!

34. Make smoothies and play a board game.

35. Host an ice-cream social.

36. Create a theme dinner from another country. Your family members are the special guests.

37. Fill a time capsule.

38. Face paint!

39. Play football in the backyard. Invite your neighbors.

40. Plant flowers together.

41. Make pizza from scratch.

42. Clean your house. Donate items you no longer use.

43. Talk about the future. The best is yet to come!

44. Plan on being in worship together. Hold hands when you pray.

45. Pray together when you’re in the car. Say an echo (repeat-after-me) prayer with daughter leading.

46. Wash the car together.

47. Have a tea party together.

48. “Pay it forward” in the drive-thru line. Share with the employee, as well as the people behind you: “Jesus loves you!”

49. At the end of each day, write down one thing for which you are thankful. On December 31st, read each note as you count your blessings together.

50. Draw a picture of heaven.

Rachel Stathakis