Church History

Our history and how far we’ve come are important parts of our story. We honor our roots, where God has led us and our blessings because, without any of this, we wouldn’t have been able to spend the last four decades spreading God’s love with people and helping them grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Milestones on God’s Path

In 1929, Hales Corners Lutheran Church was started with 15 communicant members, 23 baptized and 6 voting members.

By 1938, membership had grown to over ten times larger than when we first started.

In September of 1960, we opened a school for kindergarten through 2nd grade with 56 students.

By 1961, only one year later, enrollment at Hales Corners Lutheran School had more than doubled to 122 students.

In 1990, Hales Corners Lutheran School received National Lutheran School Accreditation and continued growing beyond expectation. Enrollment had expanded to the point of offering multiple classrooms for each grade. At this time specialty teachers, such as Art, computer, gym, music, science, a librarian, speech therapist, and a counselor were added to the staff.

In the fall of 1992 the Toddler class began, designed for 2-3 year olds along with a parent, giving them first exposures to a school environment and sharing the love of Jesus!

In 1992, as a result of great foresight and vision, land for the Janesville Road campus was purchased.

By 1997, our new 38,500 Sq ft worship facility at Janesville Road was completed and land was purchased for a Primary School and Steeple View Senior Community. The original church site remained housing our Elementary School and the nickname “Grange Campus” was coined to distinguish the two locations.

The Infant class began in 1998 giving families even more programming options for their children.

In August of 2000, our Primary School opened, moving 2-4 year old preschool and childcare from the Grange Campus, our original church site, to an existing building on Janesville Road, modified to meet our needs.

Yet another children’s program, Learners Club started in 2003, underscoring Hales Corners Lutheran School’s passion and expertise for teaching young children.

In 2003, we celebrated our 75th anniversary and reached record growth to 7,000 members worshipping.

2004 or 2005 Middle School and Community Center added to the Janesville Road campus.

During the 2012- 2013 school year, Hales Corners Lutheran School received Exemplary Status recognition during the re-accreditation process which happens every 5 years.

2014-2016 Hales Corners Lutheran expands support to missions in Haiti, Guatemala and Slovakia.

2018 Phase III of the Janesville Road location was completed with the addition at the back of the building. The addition became our ‘new’ school, allowing us to now be all under one roof - catering to people from infant to adult.
Our school now offers infant classes through 8th grade all in one building.

To God be the glory, great things He has done! Many former students are now in church work or continue to be members of our congregation. Many have brought their children to Hales Corners Lutheran School, creating a second generation or students benefiting from Christian Education. We praise the Lord for blessing us with a Christian school more than 50 years! God continues to lead us to serve Him in the ways and the time that He has designed for us.