Toddler Nursery

The Toddler Nursery is staffed during Sunday 9:15 and 11:00 am services. This safe, loving, and caring atmosphere is staffed for children who are sturdy walkers through three and a half years of age. In the nursery, children can enjoy:

  • Free play time

  • Lessons which use stories, songs, and sensory-learning resources to help connect children with God

  • Light snacks as needed

Check-in is required; capacity is limited

Our Toddler Nursery underwent a stunning transformation into “Noah’s Ark” and features a custom-made ark with a slide built into one corner to encourage playing, learning, and storytelling.

Other additions include a play house resembling that of Bible times in the Middle East, a cozy book nook, a craft area with new tables and chairs along with other various cosmetic improvements to make the nursery joyful, bright, and welcoming.

Infant Nursery

For younger children, the Infant Nursery is located in the northwest corner of the sanctuary and is available for infants through early walkers and their parents. The Infant Nursery features:

  • A variety of toys, books, and puzzles

  • Chairs/swings for children

  • Brand new rocking chairs

  • A changing table

Parents are able to listen to and watch the service while feeding, caring for, and comforting their infants and young toddlers. Parental supervision is required. Entrances to the Infant Nursery are in the Sanctuary and the Atrium.

Opportunity to Serve

We’re looking for loving hearts to help care for little ones in HCL’s Toddler Nursery! Volunteers play with little ones, read Bible stories, play, and give out snacks in a laid back setting. If you’re interested in helping during one of these services: Sunday 9:15, or Sunday 11:00, please contact Rachel Stathakis at