mission giving

Thank you for giving to the mission efforts of Hales Corners Lutheran! When you give through the Together in Mission offering, your dollars make a difference in our local community and around the globe.

Supporting Local and Global Mission

Through your offerings, we are able to support the efforts our mission partners in Greater Milwaukee, Guatemala, Haiti, Belize, Slovakia, Kenya, Mongolia, and Panama including:

  • Ebenezer Stone Ministries

  • Hope Street Ministries

  • Scholarships for students in Guatemala

  • Church planting in Guatemala and Belize

  • Human Care efforts in Guatemala and Belize (home building, dental clinics, etc.)

  • Feeding, housing, and schooling orphans in Haiti

  • Development for farmers and their families to end hunger in Kenya

  • Helping a growing Christian school make a difference for Christ in Slovakia

  • Supporting special projects of Rev. David Baker, missionary to Mongolia

  • Funding Short Term Mission Teams to Belize, Guatemala, Haiti, Slovakia, and Panama

  • Other special projects with our partners as needed

How Do I give?

The simplest way to give to HCL’s mission efforts is through the Mission envelopes in the pew-back. These dollars go into the general Mission fund to be used in these efforts. You can also designate online giving toward Mission. Because of the dynamic nature of mission work, it is best if funds are given to the general Mission fund to be used as needed, when needed. If you wish to give to a specific effort, please contact Pastor Wood at cwood@hcl.org, or (414)-529-6700 to discuss the best options.

Making an Impact

The reach of your generous gifts extends far beyond our own faith community. From the inner city of Milwaukee to other countries across the globe, your donations feed mission efforts that provide support, resources, and education in God’s name to thousands of people each year.