global mission frequently asked questions 

Whether you're considering a Short Term Mission Experience for the first time or you've been on a trip before, you undoubtedly have questions. Below are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers to guide you through your decision-making and planning. 

  1. Who can go on a Short Term Mission Experience? Teams are open to people who wish to serve and share the love of Jesus. We also ask that you are in good physical health.

  2. How do I sign up for a STME? Applications for upcoming teams are available online and at the information counter. Please return your completed form and $100 deposit to Jessica Ramdohr or Pastor Wood in the church office.

  3. When do I sign up for a STME? Our teams form 12 weeks ahead of departure, though you can sign up earlier.

  4. What happens before I go? There will be 10 weekly meetings with your team and team leader. These meetings cover spiritual growth, team building, missionary attitudes, cultural considerations/education, and specific project planning for your STME. These meetings are mandatory, and are necessary for your team to be most effective. The schedule will set according to your team’s needs.

  5. What happens when I am in country? We work with our international partners on several projects, including ESL classes, building, dental clinics, teaching VBS, etc. These vary based on the site and the needs of our partners at the time of your trip. You can find more specifics on each site’s page.

  6. What happens when I get home? Your team will meet for 2-4 times after your return. These meetings will help you process your experience so that you can bring what you learned in the field to your everyday walk with Jesus.

  7. What is the cost? Costs range from $1000-$1750 depending on where you are going to serve. You can find more specific information on your site’s page.

  8. Is there fundraising available? Yes. The cost of each trip is already subsidized by our Mission offerings for each actively participating team member. Each team member will also have the opportunity to send out “sponsorship letters” to family and friends to raise fund for his/her trip.

  9. What does my trip cost include? Your trip cost includes airfare, lodging, project costs, and most meals*. You may have a few meals on your own depending on your trip site. You will learn this information from your team leader.

  10. What is not included in my trip cost? Your passport, vaccination(s) and other medications, travel day meals, and souvenirs & excursions are not included in your trip cost.

  11. Do I need a passport? You will need a passport to travel outside the USA. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your planned return date in order for you to travel. Click here for more information if you need to purchase/renew a passport.

  12. What vaccinations do I need? Vaccination needs vary by site. For Europe, there are no vaccines needed. Generally, for Central American and the Caribbean, you will need Hepatitis A&B, Tetanus, and Typhoid vaccines. It is also recommended that you bring malaria prophylaxis as well as a broad spectrum antibiotic like Cipro for any stomach issues you may encounter. Please consult with your physician, or a travel clinic. Additional information can be found here: 

    Vaccinations for Guatemala 
    Vaccinations for Belize
    Vaccinations for Haiti