3rd-5th grade


3rd grade

In 3rd Grade at HCLS, student work is geared toward honing reading comprehension, stamina, and expanding vocabulary. Third graders also participate in many reading incentives, such as Be a Bookworm, Tic-Tac-Read (exposing students to different genres), and Reading Rabbit. Students will work on two book studies, Charlotte’s Web and Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Through writing workshops, third graders learn how to write an animal research report, character sketch, instructional writing, and poetry. They work on multiplication, geometry, and basic algebraic concepts in math. Through classroom plays, third graders also gain valuable experience in public speaking.

Special 3rd Grade Activities and Events:

  • Watermelon Day

  • Apple Day

  • Penguin Day

  • Hat Day

4th grade


In 4th Grade, students start working on presentations and reports, as they build on their research skills, putting what they learn into their own words, and developing computer skills using programs like Power Point. Fourth graders work on a variety of cultural reading stories (Save me a Seat, Go Free or Die, and Maniac Magee), focusing on comprehension skills, non-fiction texts and text features, and building reading stamina. They build on math skills through multi-digit multiplication, long division, geometrical figures, reading, interpreting, and making graphs, in addition to taking virtual field trips to destinations in the five regions of the United States for Social Studies.

Special 4th Grade Activities and Events:

Trip to Madison (Capitol building)

Prayer Buddies (each student partners with a different student for that week and prays for them and their family throughout the week)

VIP of the week (students fill out an informational poster/newspaper, bring it items and pictures from home, and share about themselves, their favorite memories, and some of their favorite stories)

Wisconsin Bash Day (students celebrate the state of Wisconsin and learn about its history)

Old World Wisconsin Field Trip

Special presentation by meteorologist Rachel Kaye

Wisconsin Dairy Council presentation

Class Spelling Bee

Reading class “Hat Project”

5th Grade


At the 5th grade level. HCLS also offers differentiated math groups in which students study place value, prime numbers, fractions, and decimals. We write and understand the meaning of simple expressions with numbers, display measurement data on line plots and graphs as well as graph on the coordinate system with x and y axis. In Science, students experience concepts such as energy, focus, and human biology through hands-on, project-based learning. Students also complete an in-depth, non-fiction study of an inventor or scientist. Students study U.S. History through the Civil War as well as Language Arts, including a comprehensive spelling program, grammar skill lessons, and Six Traits of Writing. Students participate in novel studies on titles including “Wonder,” “A Christmas Carol.” and “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Our 5th graders also have the option to participate in athletics, including volleyball, basketball, and track & field, as well as choir and band. Students will also participate in the Hales Corners Police Department D.A.R.E. program.

Special 5th Grade Activities and Events:

Pabst Theatre (A Christmas Carol production)

First Stage Theater productions

Civil War Museum interactive experience

Fractured fairy tale project

Literature Circles (students may choose novels to study in a small group setting)

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Hales Corners Lutheran School provides a secure, nurturing environment that enables elementary and middle school age students need to explore and experiment. Our curriculum, taught from a Christ-centered philosophy, instills a life-long love of learning. Click here to learn more about our curriculum.

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Hales Corners Lutheran School offers before and after school care for families who, due to work schedules, cannot pick up their children at the end of the day. Click here to learn more about our after school programs.

Athletics (5th-8th grades)

Hales Corners Lutheran School believes that athletics are an important tool in teaching children to make use of their God-given talents and skills. Click here to learn more about Athletics at HCLS.

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