We play for Him!

Hales Corners Lutheran believes that athletics are an important tool in teaching children to make use of their God-given talents and abilities. Considering time, facilities, and coaches, we strive to provide the opportunity for as many students as possible, within our guidelines, to pursue athletic activities. Full utilization and development of God-given talents and a positive Christian attitude remain the motivation for our athletic program. 

The athletic program builds on the foundation of the physical education curriculum of our school. It supplements the curriculum, providing additional physical activities for students in grades 5th-8th who choose to participate.

  • The 5th grade teams are designed to provide experience for the student athletes in preparation for league competition.

  • The 6th grade teams are transitioning to prepare the student athletes for more competitive league play.

  • The 7th and 8th grade teams are designed to provide opportunities for the student athletes to develop their abilities in a more competitive setting.

  • Athletics offered at HCLS: Boys & Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Boys & Girls Volleyball, and Track

Our conference is MLESAA. To learn more about our conference, click here: