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Full-Day Kindergarten

At Hales Corners Lutheran School, our Kindergarten teachers foster independence and help children to gain and use skills necessary for working in small groups as well as the class as a whole. Students learn how to function well as group members, how to ask for help and to be helpful, how to complete a task. Each child is encouraged to move beyond his/her current level of understanding.

At the Kindergarten level, students will begin reading in addition to working on phonics, writing, and handwriting. Kindergarten students attend science lab and computer lab once per week, and music and physical education twice per week. Students also come together with other children in the school for weekly chapel service and are even empowered to plan and present one chapel message each year.

The Kindergarten classroom is a safe, supportive and welcoming environment. Our learning environment provides students with a variety of opportunities to try out new ideas and be challenged with new experiences that engage budding readers, writers, scientists, mathematicians and artists. Teachers help students to be empowered, to feel valued, to be listened to, to be competent and successful in school.

Special Kindergarten Activities and Events:

Kindergarten Football Night

50th Day of Kindergarten - Sock Hop

100th Day of School Celebartion

Kdg-2nd Christmas Church Service

Kindergarten leading Chapel

Singing at a Church Service

First Stage Theater Field Trip

Reading Rally (Culminating activity to enhance learning about various states)

1st Grade


First grade is major developmental year for students. At HCLS, our main focus is to build on the reading and writing skills from Kindergarten and develop those skills to assure continued success in learning throughout their school career. We do this in numerous ways, including daily journal writing as well as through various activities like author visits and field trips. Our first grade students attend Science Lab twice per week and Computer Lab once per week in addition to weekly chapel. It is also in first grade that students learn beginning math concepts in addition, subtraction, fractions, telling time and counting money.

Special 1st Grade Activities and Events:

Apple Day (focused on math and reading activities)

Pumpkin Caper (focused on math and reading activities)

Field Trip to Timber Lee Christian Center

101st Day of School Celebration

First Stage Theatre

Leading Chapel in Spring

Singing in Church

Spelling Bee

Writing Personal Narratives

Studying/Writing about Famous Americans

Top Banana (students create a special board, and share about themselves)

2nd Grade


In 2nd Grade, our teachers are focused on the continued development of core reading, writing and math skills. Cursive writing is introduced and is a great skill for hand and eye coordination that also relates to reading development. Science and STREAM (Science, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math) Lab also continues to build on the problem solving skills first introduced in 1st Grade. Second Grade students attend Science Lab twice per week and Computer Lab once per week as well as participating in weekly chapel.

A focus of 2nd Grade Social Studies is in learning about other countries through "Passport Days." These are days where students celebrate what we have learned and host enrichment activities like hearing from guest speakers who share their experiences in other countries to enhance our understanding. Often guest speakers are missionaries with faith-related messages. 

Special 2nd Grade Activities and Events:

Studying Washington D.C. and giving a classroom “tour” of D.C.

Christmas Service, 2nd graders have opportunities as lead actors

Write and perform commercials to “sell” a book written by Marc Brown

Learn about historical schools and take a field trip to Whelan School House in Franklin to experience what school was like in the past

Classroom Spelling Bee

Top Dog, children experience being the leader for the week, sharing about themselves, and emphasizing the gifts that God has given to them

Additional Information


Hales Corners Lutheran School provides a secure, nurturing environment that enables elementary and middle school age students need to explore and experiment. Our curriculum, taught from a Christ-centered philosophy, instills a life-long love of learning. Click here to learn more about our curriculum.

Lunch Program

We offer your child a nutritional hot lunch option through DPI and the National School Lunch Program (NLSP). Click here to learn more about our Lunch Program.

Before & After School Programs

Hales Corners Lutheran School offers before and after school care for families who, due to work schedules, cannot pick up their children at the end of the day. Click here to learn more about our after school programs.

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